Why Men Love Young Escorts in London

Why do men look for younger women? Most escorts in London are a lot younger than the men who they date. When I first joined London escorts, I wondered why men looked for younger women. It took me a little bit of time to appreciate that most men are kind of vain, and they need their ego boosted every so often. One way for a slightly older guy to boost his ego, is to date younger women. The fact is thought that most young women will probably eventually drop older guys. They will get bored with them, and age difference plays a role in other ways as well.

I know that a lot of chaps who date young escorts in London, sort of like to take them out to show them off. They take them out for dinner and make sure that their friends are with their “old wives” in the restaurant or something like that. It is a man’s way of saying “look at what I have got” and to make the other guy a bit envious. It seems a strange thing to do, but I think that most girls who work as London escorts actually understand why this happens. It has a lot to do with a man’s self-esteem.

Another reason for dating younger escorts in London, is quite simply that men think it will help them to feel young a again. But, is this true? I am sure that the young escorts in London enjoy their dates, but I am not sure that all of the gents really enjoy them. After all, they don’t really have a lot to talk about to their young ladies. When I worked for London escorts, I noticed this a lot and it was kind of funny. A lot of the girls said they felt they had to carry the conversation all night.

I have to say that men should think twice before dating young escorts in London. After all, they may not have that much in common with the escort that they date, and that is not always easy. Yes, the young lady may look great, and be really exciting, but can you keep up with her?

Younger ladies at London escorts often say about their older dates that they were not quite with them. It is probably true, and I do think that a guy who is 20 years older, will not have that much in common with a 20 year old, or perhaps even a younger lady.

It is not easy meeting up with young escorts in London. You may feel that there is a generation gap there. It could just be a good idea to focus on having a really fun time, and then get on with your life. I am sure that you can see the nice young lady again, but the relationship will always be a bit different from others. Are you sure that you are up for a nice young lady tonight? If the answer is yes, get ready to have lots of fun on your date with the hot and sexy London escort who will be keeping you company.…

How Young Women Can Prepare For Sex


Your teenage years are wonderful as you find out so much about your body. When you first learn how to pleasure yourself your whole life changes. Being sexually satisfied is what you long for, and while it’s initially enough to do it on your own, after a short time every young woman wants a guy who they can get intimate with. You need to find somebody who you can trust, as well as a guy with a dick who can make you explode. But if you’re inexperienced, or even a virgin you may be nervous about how to make sex great, and perform in a way which will make a guy want to come back for more.

You can learn a lot about sex by watching porn; the pair of you could watch it together and discuss what you both like; what turns you on and what you would like your partner to do. Although pornography is not an entirely realistic portrayal (porn is edited to make sex look perfect), it can teach you a few positions and a few tricks you can use to make your partner excited. If you want him to please you, then you need to know how to please him, starting with his dick. An adult male’s penis is very sensitive and you should treat it with care when playing with it. Fondle his balls gently and pay close attention to the head of his dick. Swirl your tongue around his head and lick the underside of his cock. This will drive him crazy and make him want to do anything you satisfy you.

Some guys feel more comfortable when their partner takes the lead, so feel free to tell him what you want. Encourage him to suck on your tits and teach him how to lick your pussy. Allow him to touch you intimately as you let your body reach maximum arousal. Then, when the time comes for penetration, just relax and tell him how you want it. By this point he will happily respond to all of your desires. Use what you have learned from the adult movies and talk dirty to him. Tell him if you want it deeper and rougher, or slower and more sensual. Listen to what your partner wants and work out what is best to bring you both to an orgasmic climax. Just make sure that you are a responsible adult and that you use protection when having sex. If you do that, then the rest is pure pleasure. Meet a hot London escort at www.cityofeve.com.…